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SPOT (Space to be Proud and Open Together) is based out of our West Chester Health Center.
Rainbow Phoenix, formed in partnership with the LGBT Equality Alliance of Chester County, for young people who live in the Phoenixville area.

What We Do
Our youth spaces provide an environment where LGBTQIA+ young people can feel accepted and empowered — and where sexual and gender identity can be embraced without fear of violence, harassment, or judgment.

The groups promote understanding and respect for all through education, support, advocacy, creative expression, and friendship.

Social & Recreational
We provide a safe space for youth to create lasting friendships and enjoy movie nights, game nights, food, and other self-care activities.

We host programs and discussions with PPSP facilitators, guest speakers, and professionals from a variety of fields. Topics can include: coming out, safer sex, and LGBTQIA+ history and much more.

Our main goal is to provide LGBTQIA+ youth with tools to feel comfortable in their identity and help them find a sense of community through resources and outreach.

Contact us at for additional information.

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