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Trans-led healthcare
From gender-affirming hormone therapy and transition support to medications for anxiety and depression, it can be hard to find one clinic or doctor who understands how to care for you. That’s why we founded Plume, a virtual home for transgender, nonbinary, and gender non-conforming people.

We offer a range of healthcare services, including prescriptions for estrogen or testosterone / HRT. At Plume, you can be your authentic self and get the gender-affirming care you need. You don’t have to teach your doctor how to care for you—instead, you can let your Care Team support you with a unique care plan that is customized to your transition goals.

We’ll always respect your gender identity, pronouns, name, and gender expression, and we’ll always put your wellness first. We’re here for you when you’re ready.

Cost: Estrogen+ or Testosterone Membership
$40/mo with qualified insurance
$99/mo without qualified insurance


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