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Bucks County Network of Victim’s Assistance (NOVA)




NOVA was founded in 1974 as Women Organized Against Rape (WOAR). It was the first and continues to be the only rape crisis center in Bucks County. During the early to mid-1980’s when the federal government began to acknowledge and address the needs of victims of crime, WOAR was expanded to become NOVA, the comprehensive victim services organization in the County serving all victims of crime and to providing prevention education services.

Always on the cutting edge of service delivery, NOVA provides a continuum of programs to meet individual needs including but not limited to: a 24-7 victim helpline, SANE services in area hospitals, forensic interviews for children who have been sexually or physical abused, trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy provided in office, home or schools, legal advocacy and support through the criminal justice system. In addition, NOVA provides prevention education and professional training in schools, the community and through continuing education conferences.
NOVA is also the home to several special projects; The Keystone Crisis Intervention Team, The Bucks Coalition Against Human Trafficking, and Safe and Healthy Communities.

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