Healthcare Best Practices Program

Trans, Non-binary, and Intersex Healthcare Best Practices Program

In 2020, SAGA Community Center began developing a Best Medical Practices training program to address the health disparities & lack of access to competent care, specifically for trans, non-binary, & intersex people. This program, led by LGBTQIA+ people, medical professionals, and medical students, seeks to improve access to healthcare for LGBT+ people by ensuring that medical professionals gain the necessary information, training, & tools to adequately deliver proper care to LGBT+ patients. The program will also improve access to competent medical care by linking individuals to trained providers through an online, searchable database. Our program will increase the health & well-being LGBTQIA+ communities by removing gaps in medical care and reducing the barriers that trans, non-binary, and intersex patients often encounter when seeking care.

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The information you provide will remain completely anonymous and will be used to help train healthcare professionals to provide care more competently to Trans, Non-binary, and Intersex individuals! The survey involves 10 questions and will take about 10-15 minutes to complete. Not all questions are required, but everything you’re able to share will be extremely beneficial in helping us to train more affirming and competent healthcare providers!

Thank you so much for taking the time to help us with this initiative!

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